Love a good cocktail? You’re in luck because our bar team have been busy shaking and stirring to create a slew of new delicious concoctions. 

We caught up with 360 Bar Manager, Rene, to talk highlights from the new menu and all things trending in the world of mixology…

Q. Rene, what can you tell us about the new cocktails at 360 Bar?
R: We’re excited to introduce 24 new cocktails to the menu, an extensive selection filled with unique and vibrant concoctions. My team and I spent a lot of time experimenting with new ingredients and techniques in the creation process, and there’s truly something for everyone.

Q. What are the top highlights?
R: If I had to pick the top five cocktails, it would be:
- 360 Classic
- Baller
- Brain Teaser
- 360 Espresso Martini
- Elegance

For 360 Classic, I challenged the team to pick two ingredients they wouldn’t normally find in cocktails – in this case, it was chardonnay and pear vodka. We mixed these with a unique blend of almond syrup, rose syrup, lime juice and a dash of egg white (for that foaming effect). The end result? A very nice aromatic cocktail that’s fast become the crowd favourite.

The 360 Espresso Martini is also very popular. As a twist on the infamous classic, we’ve used 666 butter vodka shaken with Mr Black coffee liqueur. Mixed with salted caramel, espresso and topped with crushed coffee beans and sugar, this one’s perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

Q. What’s your favourite cocktail from the new menu?
R: My personal favourite would have to be Baller, which is an old fashioned with a rum twist. The dash of chocolate adds a touch of sweetness but still holds the full body of rum flavour, whilst the extra bitterness from the orange zest adds a nice kick. This cocktail is very easy on the palette, ideal as an after dinner drink.

Q: Which one is the most Instagrammable cocktail?
R: Definitely Brain Teaser – the cocktail with sheer WOW factor. Made with Hendricks gin, limoncello, wasabi, cucumber, basil, lemon and finished with an oyster for garnish, this drink is refreshingly delicious on the palette.

Q: If you had to pair a 360 cocktail for different meals throughout the day, what would you recommend?
R: Have the 360 Classic and Elegance before dinner or pair with a light meal such as fish or scallops. Brain Teaser is best with a seafood dish or even with meat as the acidity of the cocktail can cut through the fat. Finally, enjoy the 360 Espresso Martini and all its salted caramel goodness after dinner – it’s like liquid dessert. At 360 Bar, we also offer a good selection of nibbles and small plates to go with our drinks, such as calamari, sliders and arancini.

Q: Final question…do you like it stirred or shaken?
R: Stirred.

With the summer season in full swing, there’s no better time to embrace cocktail hour sky high at 360 Bar.

360 Bar is open every day from 12pm – late. A $20 per person minimum spend is required to access the bar, 18+ exclusive and a smart casual dress code applies.

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