Located sky high in the iconic Sydney Tower with rotating views of the city, 360 Bar and Dining has always been a popular destination for romantic dinners, anniversaries and celebrations. In fact, did you know we get an average of 4-7 proposals every week?

We recently hosted a magical proposal at our restaurant and was excited to play a starring role in the planning process, assisting Singapore-based groom-to-be, Melvin Ng.

We caught up with Melvin to learn more about his romantic love story with now fiancée, Michelle, and why he chose to pop the question at 360 Bar and Dining…

360: Congratulations on your engagement! How long have you and Michelle been dating and when did you realise you wanted to propose?
M: Our love story started in 2015, when I knew straight away she was the one. From the day we met, I had kept an Instagram account to note down dates and places we had visited. With each post, I wrote a love letter/poem dedicated to her. The idea was to gift this to her as a photo album during the proposal, with the last page as ‘Will You Marry Me?’

360: Wow that’s incredible! Why did you choose Sydney Tower and 360 Bar and Dining?
M: Unlike thrilling activities such as skydiving or fireworks, my fiancée and I believe that happiness comes from the presence and time from one another. We had always preferred ambience over activities, somewhere we can enjoy each other’s company. Sydney Tower Dining, being the iconic high-floor elegant dining experience perfectly matched what I was looking for. On top of that, nothing beats having a million-dollar city view with a revolving experience.

360: Is there a reason why you chose to propose on the 6th of July? Is this a significant date?
M: 6th of July is a special day because it was my now fiancée’s birthday. If it wasn’t this date, I wouldn’t have met this special person to be my life partner. So I thought this was the perfect day to propose.

360: What was your special plan for your proposal – and how did you keep it all under wraps?
M: For our trip to Sydney, the itinerary for 6th July was arranged as a 'Shopping Day'. To minimise her anticipation for something unusual, I had 'mentally prepped' her that since the whole day will be spent shopping rather than a fun-filled celebration, we will end the day with a 'Birthday Dinner Celebration' at a restaurant she decides. Our final shopping stop was Westfield Sydney, and I 'guided' her to choose Sydney Tower Dining. Little did she know I had already pre-booked Sydney Tower Dining for a proposal plan.

360: What was Michelle’s reaction when you popped the question?
M: It took her by surprise when she flipped the 'birthday gift' to the last page, which is a hand-made photo album with all the posts from the Instagram account, reminiscing the enjoyable memories since the first day, plus the question ‘Will You Marry Me’.

360: That’s amazing! How far ahead did you plan this?
M: The planning took me more than two months to research and liaise between the different parties (flowers, restaurant, photographer), as this was my first time visiting Sydney. Despite continuous late changes, Sydney Tower Dining was very patient, with a professional working attitude, giving us an experience we will never forget. Once again, a big thank you to the team for making my proposal a success!

360: Have you both set a date for the wedding?
M: We are looking forward to planning our special day for the end of 2018.

We love proposals and a beautiful love story! If you’d like to arrange a proposal at 360 Bar and Dining, our staff are more than happy to assist. Call us on (02) 8223 3883 for more information.

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