With Father’s Day coming up on the 3rd September, we took five minutes to catch up with Head Chef Elton, father to four year old son Zachy, to find out how he will be celebrating…

Q: What are your plans for Father’s Day this year?
E: Every Sunday, we always go to our favourite local pizza joint for a family dinner because it’s my son, Zachy’s favourite. With Father’s Day falling on a Sunday, we will be sticking to this ritual. So really, even though it’s meant to be all about Dads, my son will be calling the shots that night!

Q: Has Zachy ever cooked for you before?
E: He made me a birthday cake once (with the help of his mum, of course), which was really awesome. So, here’s hoping there’s also a Father’s Day cake in the works…

Q: Do you and Zachy cook together in your spare time?
E: Yes, we do! We’ve made quite a few things together, from cookies to brownies, gnocchi and pizza. As you can already tell, he’s a big pizza fan and that’s a great thing to make with kids because they can really get involved in the whole process and enjoy it.

Q: You’ve created a special ‘Beer & Cider’ paired menu for Father’s Day this year – what inspired the idea?
E: I thought of what I would like to experience on a special occasion and the menu ideas just flowed from there. There’s pork terrine with bacon, pork ribs with baked potato and a decadent chocolate forest dessert, each paired with a beer or cider. You really can’t go wrong with these options for Dad – he will love it.

Q: So what’s your favourite dish from the Father’s Day menu?
E: To devour – definitely the pork ribs. To savour – the chocolate forest.

Q: Last question Elton. What’s a good gift to give the foodie Dad?
E: Easy! A special Father’s Day lunch at 360 of course.

Treat Dad to Chef Elton’s special ‘Beer & Cider’ paired menu this Father’s Day.

These exclusive food specials are available on Father’s Day only and are in addition to 360’s extensive à la carte menu.

Find out more about our Father’s Day Menu here

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